Beyond the Landmark Education Rumors

Since its creation in 1991, there have been endless rumors about what Landmark education really is. Many of the rumors point to the course being part of a cult. There have been rumors of intelligent, middle class professionals apparently turning into automatons. Landmark education has long been believed to be an instrument for brain-washing and exploiting vulnerable populations so as to make a profit out of them.

Although the organization has rebutted these claims countless times, its assertion to delivering the secret to being truly human and promises of guaranteeing its students a greater future than they could imagine have further exacerbated the rumors.

Despite the mystery and rumors surrounding the organization and the course, Landmark education continues to draw increasing interest from the public and has experienced a 6% growth over the last year. The organization has spread to over 21 countries and can be found in more than 100 cities. The company has reported having a 10 percent rise in customers across its branches. This is evident from the fact that Landmark education drew more than 125 000 students in 2010 alone and the companys revenue hit $56 million even with the loss of its main office in the New York Twin Towers. In Britain alone, the company draws in 1050 students a month. 80 percent of these students have been known to take second courses with the company.

With all these large numbers flying around, it is hard not to wonder what makes Landmark education so successful. The best way to find out is to attend a Landmark forum yourself. Landmark education offers you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and thereby transform yourself. The course usually takes three days and involves long hour lectures. The lectures involve learning about religious and psychological theories and philosophies. These are taught through reading books and plays. The works of a wide range of great historical authors and philosophers are discussed including Norman Vincent Peale, Freud and Maxwell Maltz.

Landmark education however, is not all about lectures on philosophy and religious theory. It is about bringing out our true selves. Landmark forums give participants an opportunity to take the stage and examine their lives through the eyes of an outsider. You will be able to see the delusion and deceit that you have so far believed about your life. Many participants experience anger, frustration and denial as they are forced to face the circumstances of their lives in a fresh perspective. However, the results are truly liberating. Many people find the courage to broken relationships and others find the confidence to do the things that they could not do before.

The Landmark forum should not be mistaken for a cult and does not promise to yield magical results. Landmark education offers the obvious in an intense environment designed to allow you to transform. Modern life with its distractions does not allow us to view our situations as they really are. Landmark education gives you the opportunity to step back and take a good look at your life.