Education in the Modern Times

Modern system of education is integrated with information technology so much so that is quite inseparable! Modern means of education is a concept to help a child learn and master new information and skills. It helps in complete intellectual development of children. Education is the reflection of the development in society and is the foundation stone of the bright future of a nation. Education has undergone a drastic and positive change in the last fifty years with the advancement in technology! To understand why technology is so important today, just look around yourself. We are literally surrounded by technology. Whether we are working or resting, its presence is felt worldwide. This millennium stands testimony to the fact that human mind is one of the new frontiers which we are trying to conquer! Breath-taking technologies are being introduced every year to make our lives more simpler and comfortable. The impact of computers on education has been phenomenal! Using internet and computers is an effective medium to establish communication between schools, teachers, students and parents. Educational institutions are able to handle many issues that were previously difficult to solve due to geographical limitations or lack of adequate training in technology. Today, the schools and colleges are well equipped with computer systems and internet for the purpose of quick communication, latest information and global knowledge to be taught to the students. Therefore, used computers along with new branded ones are installed. Refurbished laptops play an important role for high school students. Refurbished computers are those that have some parts replaced and their functionality is updated in such a way that it works like a new branded one. As some schools cannot afford to buy new computers all the time, they prefer to buy refurbished used computers. The students get updated information due to these cheap computers; as the schools always need to be furnished with computers. Having access to computers, which is a technological wonder of science, the students are able to develop a sense of self-esteem and confidence. Technological developments like projectors, digital cameras, latest educational software, power-point presentations, 3-D visualization tools etc, have become great sources for teachers to help students grasp the lesson easily. Visual explanation of concept makes learning fun and enjoyable for students. Thus, they actively participate in the classroom making it more interactive and interesting. The importance of technology in education can be understood from the fact that it empowers the educational system and produces better students who will be the future citizens to handle the administration of their respective countries!