How To Get The Most Out of Your iCloud Account

Portable devices are more popular than ever and people are eager to get the most out of their devices. Apple devices are among the most popular brands for good reason. Not only do they offer perhaps the best performance out of most any portable devices, they also offer powerful software and features that allow users to do more. Even though the features are easy to use it’s best to have a little icloud info to help make it easier to get the most out of the services included with the device.

iCloud storage is a standard feature included with any Apple device. Every device comes with five gigabytes of storage at no additional cost. This space can be used to store files or folders and can also be used to backup the device. The software is already installed on the device, but additional software can be installed on a computer to include the control panel.

Extra storage can be purchased as a monthly plan. This will provide extra room to store more files and folders or store backups that go back further. Fifty gigabytes can be purchased for less than one dollar per month. Two hundred gigabytes can be purchased for just under three dollars per month. A full terabyte, or one thousand gigabytes, can be purchased for just under ten dollars per month. This extra storage goes a long way towards helping user backup their important files and folders in a safe way.

Stolen or lost devices can be recovered using the Find My Phone option. Navigating to the menu will present a list of devices associated with the account. Clicking on one of the devices will present several options. A sound can be played to alert someone in the immediate vicinity of the location of the device and make it easier to find. Lost Mode will alert the user whenever the device is spotted and even send a message to the user alerting them of the status of the device. If the device is irretrievable, it can be wiped as a last resort. All the data will be deleted off the phone, making it impossible to steal confidential information from the device.