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Find Out The Importance Of Your Intelligence Quotient

Gray matter refers to components of the central nervous system. Its purpose is to send motor stimulus around the body to the brain. According to a number of studies and tests, the amount and location of gray matter tissue in the brain is closely linked to human intelligence. This was concluded after comparing the studies collecting structural images of the brain as well as IQ tests from the same people. It was found that those with more gray matter in certain areas of the brain received better scores on the IQ test. It was also found in a similar study that IQ scores are closely linked to the structure of the cortex.

IQ is defined as a general measure of a person’s intelligence by ranking them in comparison with all others. A regular IQ test is written with questions that test your short-term memory, verbal knowledge, spatial visualization, and perceptual speed. They are designed to test the speed at which you can react to confusing questions and then solve the problem. It is not directly aimed at testing general knowledge so as to test the depth of intelligence a person has. It is because of this that it can be criticized by some. Other methods that are believed more efficient at measuring intelligence are the ability to retain and apply knowledge. However a test such as this would be bias towards those with a greater education and practice in learning.

The personal importance of knowing your IQ test has always been high. This can be mainly due to the amount of positive attributes related to people with high IQ’s in society or maybe just due to curiosity. Studies have shown tendencies for people with higher IQ’s to have better job performance, higher incomes and more of a probability to achieve great things. This last attribute is skewed by the conclusion that those with lower IQ’s have more of a change of committing a criminal offense.

Since early days of IQ tests, which were over one hundred years ago, the average IQ score has been increasing by 3 points every decade. Although this may be because of improved education, many believe that modern education has been more and more directed at IQ. Inconclusive tests suggest that this may also be a result of improved diet and nutrition.

Probably the most beneficial way to improve your IQ score is to read. A big proportion of the test requires reading and comprehension and the best way to increase your speed in doing this is to read as much as possible. Another big part of the test is logic and problem solving. These skills can be improved by doing crosswords or by playing Sudoku, chess and other similar games. And as always, it is important to eat and exercise properly in order to give your body and brain strength. Unfortunately, the method that results in the most dramatic increase in IQ results is to age. It has become clear that as a person gets older their IQ tends to increase by about 10 points in some cases. This is unfortunate because we have no control over this. So the best way to improve IQ is to get older.

There are a number of ways to access these tests; however the easiest way nowadays is online. Normally it costs about $10 to take a test but I have found a website that provides a free test that is of good standard. So if you would like to know how intelligent you are compared to your friends and family, have a look at the link I have posted below.

Popular Nursing Colleges In Punjab

A great nursing university or college addresses not only the technical part of education written in books but also prepares the students to what they will actually be facing in the real world.

Nursing Colleges in Punjab
Here are some of the best List of Nursing College in Punjab. Vijayanagar School of Nursing in Bhikhi is affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science and is recognized by the Indian Nursing Council. It offers general nursing and midwifery courses. The good thing about this college is they not only educate the students by books but also address the IQ and EQ part of each student. They train and not just teach the students, would-be nurses, on what they should be expecting to deal with when they become full pledge nurses. The students living far from the college also have access to facilities like hostels.

More Colleges to Look Into
Mai Bhago Institute of Nursing in TaranTaran also boast of being the result of highly educated administrators who will be imparting their knowledge to their students. They may have pretty basic features like sport facilities other than their educational facilities that enable their students to have a way to be a more rounded individual. They also have two hostel blocks and a steady supply of electricity in those hostels ensuring that their students will not be deprived of comfort that electricity surely can provide. They also are affiliated to Government Medical College, Civil hospitals and ultra-modern private hospitals and they pride themselves in passing 100% of their students for the last 3 years, surely a note-worthy achievement.

Another Popular University
The third, but definitely no less remarkable is Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, established in the late 20�th century under a legislative act of the State of Punjab and named after a 12�th century Punjab sufi, headquartered in Faridkot. This university is conducive to a more free flow exchange of ideas and thereby affording the students a more realistic knowledge base exposing them to a larger window as healthcare professionals. Such universities are acknowledged to be the ones setting the bar, pace-setters, if you may for other universities or colleges of their nature. They are expected to provide the best education and training for health professionals that most likely be serving in their communities. Be it in a large hospital or a community clinic, the product of these universities are expected to not only be knowledgeable about their field but be the ones who provide pertinent information to the patients and even serve as preventive measures by educating the community about health related issues. Mai Bhago Institute of Nursing in TaranTaran also boast of being the result of highly educated administrators who will be imparting their knowledge to their students. They may have pretty basic features like sport facilities other than their educational facilities that enable their students to have a way to be a more rounded individual. They produce nurses who are of great use to the state and that are why they are held in such high regards. Simply put, they take students and make world qualified nurses.

Be a Better Teacher with Effective Planning

Education is a must in today’s time and it should be a key responsibility of every parent to send their kids to the school to acquire education so that they can climb the ladder of success. Not just young people have the right to education but learning has no age and one can begin studying at any age and there should be no shame in it. However how better education is imparted is the basic key to learning and this solely depends on the way of teaching.

One of the very difficult jobs is teaching and this is because rather than being very clear on how to teach one should be very clear with the content of the subject one is teaching. If a teacher himself/herself is not clear with the content of the subject he/she is teaching then the knowledge that is being imparted is of no use. So, to be a better teacher one should himself/herself have a clear in sight into the details of the subject.

Teaching has always been a challenging task as a teacher has to deal with students from all walks of life ranging from an extraordinary IQ to a very low IQ and therefore it is a difficult task. However, this is not just one issue that undermines the job of teaching, there are ample of it. The basic issues are that teaching is an underpaying job as compared to the hard work a teacher has to put up with the student and also, the students of today’s time have gone rebellious in their own means and the syllabus has actually gone vast than ever before. Still this job never goes vacant, there are many always willing to share the knowledge and therefore a teacher always seeks ways for a better teaching manner.

One of the reputed institutes like Nidhi Infotech Bangalore Reviews that the first and foremost step for better teaching is that the teacher should have everything planned in his head about how he is going to deliver the next class. This means that the teacher should be prepared well hand before he addresses a class. He should himself be clear and thorough with his lessons so that he is able to teach and clear the doubts of the students if any arises.

Another way of improving ways of teaching is that the teacher should hold an interactive lecture and allow the students to participate. For this to take place a teacher should ask his students to come prepared with the portion of the chapter so that views can be exchanged and a debate on that topic may take place. This will help the students know their understanding of the topic with that of what the teacher will further elaborate in the classroom.

The teacher should also incorporate ways of making the classroom learning a fun thing by introducing the use of case studies, graph, surveys, online materials and workshops. These are new ways which will make the student much more interested in the subject and at the same time these things are very informative and not a waste of time. Moreover, the practical knowledge is retained more easily.