Why Should Businesses Consider Designing Websites for Marketing?

A site that seduces its customers and provides a valuable service and/or product is a site that endures. When experts speak of website seduction or attractiveness, they are often considering the website’s audience. This approach, which focuses almost exclusively on the notion of traffic, totally neglects the qualitative aspect of the question. On this point, two essential facts must always be remembered when designing websites for marketing:

  • Websites only have a few seconds to convince the consumer to stay on the page, and
  • Competitors are only one or two clicks away.

In other words, attractiveness is a real headache for web managers. They must constantly arbitrate between graphic audacity and respect for ergonomics codes in order to guarantee the “usability” of their site. It is, therefore, necessary to monitor the techniques and practices of the site in order to achieve a fair balance between contradictory requirements. Moreover, one cannot give way to things that impair the site’s accessibility.

A website that keeps its promises is a website to trust. For most sites, the Internet is only a tool to offer a service or sell and promote a product. Each offers a certain type of service: delivery of a product within 48 hours, protection of personal data, and so on… But nothing guarantees that these promises will be kept. At the same time, it is essential to inform the Internet user in the most transparent way possible about the terms and conditions of the offer and the risks inherent in its acceptance. In this sense, offering a guarantee is the best way of reassuring the user. Thus, a site that works well and keeps its promises will be perceived as a quality site.

Nevertheless, necessary conditions that are not sufficiently met are still creating value on the web. Indeed, a site does not meet one of these criteria should be ignored, but the whole sector suffers. Thus, if a surfer has a disappointing experience, he or she will hesitate before making a new online purchase, even if it is on another site. The gradual awareness of the net will contribute to the improvement of the practices and, therefore, to the increase of the global value on the Web.